Services: Sealants

All Things Sealant

A subdivision of Midwest Precast Services, Midwest Sealants provides a wide range of sealant services to cater to any type of building – whether new construction or rehab. From thermal applications to moisture and fire protection treatments, Midwest Sealants is committed to providing the right solution and application expertise to maximize structural protection.

Engineering Services

Proper sealing involves much more than just the sealant itself. We investigate and test your current structure to determine the causes and locations of ongoing issues, and develop a solution unique to the application.


We offer the application of coatings such as moisture barriers, traffic coatings, waterproofing, epoxy coatings and wear coatings to protect your investment in a wide array of concrete applications such as foundations, parking ramps and precast concrete buildings.

Building Repair Planning

Depending on your expectations of the structure’s life and performance, we’ll help you prepare a proactive plan to address any future repair needs.

Patching & Repair of Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is known for its durability. But, with time, chips, spalls and other blemishes will develop with any concrete structure. We offer skilled patching and repair services that not only reinforce, but also maintain the aesthetic appearance.

Caulking of Joints

Caulking joints is an excellent way to prevent water ingression. But with exposure to the elements, caulking eventually needs to be reapplied. We offer the best materials and know-how to keep your building protected.

Joint Inspection

Joint sealant is crucial to the structural integrity of the building envelope. That’s why we suggest conducting regular, thorough inspections that can result in substantial maintenance savings over the life of your structure.

FRP Strengthening

Our fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems combine carbon or E-glass fibers with a polymer material to deliver an extremely high-strength-to-weight ratio to counter a wide range of structural deficiencies.

Crack Repair

With concrete surfaces, cracking is inevitable. But how you react to them shouldn’t be an afterthought. Our epoxy injection repair service can fill and seal cracks quickly, economically and permanently.

Fire Caulking

Any time a wall is penetrated, whether due to damage or alteration, it should be repaired to prevent the passage of smoke and fire. We provide all levels of firestop installation and the necessary documentation when complete.

Maintenance Plans

Coatings, caulking, patches and other sealants or repairs eventually break down. Let us put together a maintenance plan to proactively apply new sealants to help prevent serious issues from developing.


We offer grouting to fill voids and make structures stronger, such as columns, beams, crane rails and dowels. It’s ideal for use in caustic environments due to its excellent chemical resistance.