Midwest Precast Services is a Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Erector Certified company

The PCI Certified Erector Program is designed to provide assurance that the erecting organization has the managerial and administrative capability to achieve and sustain performance consistent with requirements established by PCI, the producer, and the owner/specifier. It represents the highest commitment to safety and quality an erector can achieve under the PCI Quality Assurance System.

Each crew of a PCI Certified Erector is audited twice each year by a PCI Certified Field Auditor with at least one of the two audits conducted by an independent auditor. In addition, the organization’s quality documents, safety and erection procedures, personnel qualification records, project files, and equipment management records are audited annually by an independent third-party PCI Certified Company Auditor to provide evidence that the required managerial and administrative criteria are being met on all applicable projects.

For more information, visit the PCI website.

Category S2 - Complex Structural Systems

This includes everything contained in S1 as well as total precast concrete systems, multi-product structures (those that combine vertical and horizontal members), and single-or multistory loadbearing members, including those with architectural finishes.

Category A - Architectural Systems

This includes non-loadbearing cladding and GFRC products, which may be attached to a supporting member.